Panasonic PABX KX-TDA 600 Specifications :

TDA620-LPanasonic KX-TDA600 PABX latest is one type of PABX with a hybrid IP PBX system that can meet the needs of today’s communications standards . PABX KX TDA 600 is one type of PABX that can updgrade easily so if your company wants to increase the number of the PABX extensions can be done easily on the PABX settings . And PABX KX-TDA600 also features free slot architecture to facilitate expansion cards and access new features of the upgrade in the future later .

PABX KX-TDA600 can also be integrated with the KX-TVM voice range with integrated email gateway and delivery.Di complete with extender or IP handsets , so if you have a free lance or a different branch , it can also be connected with the center line of the PABX system . Made based on experience over 20 years of experience working in the field of communication and technology PABX KX-TDA600 PABX is one kind of cheap as well as the next generation of Hybrid PBX solution.