An advanced application server that supports voice, unified communications and mobility


The UNIVERGE SV8500 is a powerful enterprise communications solution capable of supporting up to 16,000 endpoints in a single system. Reliable, scalable and energy-efficient, it is an advanced application server that supports voice, unified communications and mobility solutions for tens of thousands of users. Designed to easily and efficiently scale, the SV8500 meets the needs of the largest enterprises, supporting up to 192,000 ports in a networked environment.

At a Glance

  • Increase customer satisfaction and lower expenses
  • Supports open standards for simplified business process integration
  • Provides advanced applications and reliable business continuity support
  • Complies with green standards


  • Highly scalable intelligent Communication Sever
  • Flexibility through open standards
  • New modular chassis and interface
  • Extensive voice and IP features
  • Complete interoperability with existing NEC systems


NEC’s tradition of quality and reliability is reflected in the SV8500’s robust features. SV8500 Communications Servers maximize availability and ensure business continuity through a number of capabilities, including:

  • CPU Redundancy within a system
  • Redundant Power (Load Sharing Parallel Operation)
  • Redundant Common Control Board
  • IP Network Failover for station, trunk and conferencing
  • Cluster survivability
  • Power failure transfer
  • Flash drive technology (No moving parts like Hard Drives)
  • Least-cost routing for self-healing networks
  • Advanced fault diagnosis
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Support for a wide range of tools, including:
  • UNIVERGE Mobile Client
  • UNIVERGE IP and Digital Terminals (both desktop and wireless DECT)
  • NEC DT300 and DT700 Series phones
  • Desktop Gigabit Ethernet
  • Compatibility with UC for Business
  • Integration with Microsoft’s Office Communication Server.
  • Over 900 additional service features



19 inches wide, 3 Rack Units high

Input Power

AC 100-240V (50/60Hz) or -48±5VDC (Single / Dual (option) Configuration)


Intel® Core 2 Duo; 2.16GHz


8 GB

Number of Ports

6,144 ports



networking (IP) 64 nodes


networking (IP) 64 nodes

Number of Ports over FCCS

up to 192,000 ports


Internal ACD Max 2,000 stations OAI support UNIVERGE applications Conference Bridge Max 32 ports/card; Max 255 cards

Interface/Protocol Standards

Devices SIP-enabled

Regulatory Compliance

FCC part 15, Class A & part 68
Section 508 compliant
CE Mark
UL 1459
CSA standard C 22.2 No. 225
Industry Canada (IC) CS-03

Available Options

Optional MPC Chassis Cards

6COT MG (6 analog trunks)
VS-32 Conf. Module (32 conference ports)
4LC2COT (4 analog & 2 trunks)
PRI MG (1 PRI trunk)
8LC (8 analog stations)

Optional Tools & Features

2 redundant Ethernet ports
High Speed internal communication bus
Redundant power supply options
Mobile Client
SR-MGC (Backup)