NEC-LogoIt was started from an electric company, Nippon Electric Company, Ltd in the year of 1899 which produce, sell, and provide services for telephony and switching equipments. NEC was born and developed into a worldwide well-known brand in Telecommunication and IT.

The brand name of “NEC” is evabriation from Nippon Electric Company itself which becoming established into NEC Corporation since 1983. NEC has been developing and growing to deliver the business which is ranged from radio communication, electron tube, until broadcasting that was strengthen the Tokyo Radio (Nippon Hoso Kyokai – NHK) in 1926. Furthermore, in 1030’s, NEC had provide Japan’s Ministry Communication for non-loaded line Carrier equipment for long-distance telephone channel. In the same period, a research laboratory owned by NEC was built for the first time in Tamagawa. Then the next decade, NEC was known as the first company in Japan which succeeds to do a trial for telecommunication equipment called microwave multiplex.