IT_CommITCOMM presents the advantages of technology to your life by providing convenient and holistic Panasonic Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products for both home and office use. With ITCOMM, technology become so close and familiar to our life. ITCOMM, Comforting Life with Technology.





 In ITCOMM we are resolved and make serious efforts to be a prominent player in Distribution and Sales of Information & Communication Technology product in Indonesia with equalize for the sake of customer satisfaction, company progress, share holder and employee prosperity.



To distribute our Information & Technology product to whole country and develop the after sales service continuously for customer satisfaction.



With our spirit slogan “U Can Trust” we can distribute our Information & Technology product together with both of our national and local Dealer Partner which have strong and wide of retail and distribution channel and competence man power in ICT.



  • Has been more than 30 years in Telecommunication product distribution.
  • Supported by a head office, three regional office, and 8 branch office at main cities in Indonesia.
  • Supported by 12 After Sales Service Centers and 6 Pick Up Point Services.
  • Telecommunication Consultant & Training.
  • Two years warranty part and labor and Back-Up Unit.
  • Five years spare part availability.
  • Consumable product availability.
  • Indonesian Telecommunication Specification.